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Admiral of Awesomeness.(Hehhehheh...)

I'm working on this site so I can post some of my origami creations and show you guys how to fold them. The origami will be anything from Star Wars to traditional.

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Well, my name is Skylar. I have been a Christian for a little over a year. My testimony is something like this: I got my first videogame when I was 5. Right when I first played, I was hooked. I was a videogame addict for 7 years. I was kinda raised among Christians. It wasn't until I was 12, though, until I realized I was putting videogames before God. So, after praying, reading a devotion, and reading the Bible, I burned my DS. Since then, I've been more active for Christ. I offer you this choice today, will you accept Christ's wonderful gift of salvation? Send me an E-mail if you want to know more. I'll be more than happy to help.